Rates & Travel Policy for bookings, please see below before making a booking

Standard Modelling Rate


£40 / hour

International Modelling Rate:


£50 / hour




Travel Policy


Please read Travel Policy Below, go to contact page for further details

Ancillary Expenses not Included

A 50% Deposit is required to secure all bookings



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Travel Policy


1) Public transport tickets (train, coach or plane) have to be booked in advanced. Travel must be reimbursed on the same day as being booked.
2) Please also note that the earlier public transport tickets are booked  the more cost effective it can be. Do inform me of when you want them booked.
3) If there are any additional costs that I cannot book in advance, such as taxis,  then they will need to be paid on the same day as shoot day. I will provide the receipt.
4) Please provide the name of the station where I will need to get to.
5) Please provide the appropriate email address so the confirmation email can be sent.
6) Model’s fee is to paid in advance or  on the day
7) I will provide my bank details once booking is completed.

For further details please contact me.